Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a crowdfunding platform?

Crowdfunding is a part of omnisourcing and fits perfectly in the mix of crowd engagement techniques that we use at Sports Angels. First generation crowdfunding platforms concentrate only on collecting money. At Sports Angels you can get help for all forms of help you need to achieve your goal. For us money is just one of the many trading goods.

What is omnisourcing

These days everyone knows the concept of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. With “omnisourcing” you look for the resources you really need, not just money. This direct help can be anything from knowledge, time, a location, volunteers, etc. The principle is easy: with direct help you don’t need money, with money you can buy help.

What is the wedding list principle

The wedding list principle is all about asking for the help you need and letting people decide the best way they can help. It’s a more effective way to answer the needs of projects. The people with a project in mind make a list with everything they need. This list can contain anything like money, a location, material, people, etc. The people that want to help check this list and look where they can help best.

Can I still raise money?

Of course, you can still raise money with Sports Angels. It’s even very necessary to start a project. Crowdfunding is a part of omnisourcing and a technique we still use. But you can do so much more than just raise money, because there will be so much more that you will need. Just asking is a detour when people can help with just as easily, maybe even easier, with other things.

I don’t have a team. Can I still use Sports Angels?

To put a project on Sports Angels you don’t need a team. If you happen to have one, you can link this to your page or project. This is not a requirement to start a project. If you need and don’t find any in your network? No fear, you can use Sports Angels as well for this.

My question is not on this list, where can I go?

We have a contact form with which you can always reach us. We answer every question with pleasure as fast as we possibly can.

I can’t find my category; can I still start a project?

If absolutely no category fits with your project, we can always put up a new category for you. You can always reach us for this through our contact form on our platforms. We’ll look for the best solution with you.

How do I use Sports Angels?

You prepare you’re pitch and hand in your project. After acceptance of your project you can make changes to your project page like the background photo, etc. Once it’s to your liking, you share it with as many people as you can so that your network will be used as well.

How do I hand in a project for Sports Angels?

This is really simple. You make an account and log in. If you don’t, you will just be asked to do it during your pitch. You push the button “start your campaign” and fill out the question form. This is your pitch. After which it gets to us and we accept it, perhaps with some note’s.

What do I have to do for my project?

You need to prepare your pitch. This means having a good idea of what you want to achieve and what you need in order to achieve this. You make the lay out of your project page on the platform. You can change the pictures, link a video, adjust the text and review your needs, etc.

What does Sports Angels do for my projects exactly??

We help you with putting up your project page. We give advice after receiving your pitch about the best way to achieve your goal. We also offer you a platform on which you can ask for the things we need.

Does Sports Angels accept every project?

Yes, as long as they are for and/or by students. We make the exception for projects with legal or ethnic restraints. We do not accept project about weapons, drugs, the sale of alcohol to minors or other illegal practises. We also do not accept projects for pure financial instruments like crowdfunding for shares, private loans or other crowdfunding projects upon which lays a restriction by the FSMA (insert link) or any other financial authority. In case of doubt you can always contact us through the contact form.

How much does it cost to use Sports Angels cost?

There are different payment packages. We will discuss the best fit with you. We usually operate on the principle "Pay what's fair', this can be executed in different ways.